The BEIRUT MARATHON Association's mission is to passionately organize running events that inspire unity, positively change lifestyles, promote wellness, and provide an experience of challenge, achievement, joy, and glory; for the benefit of Lebanon, both now and for generations to come.


By 2020, Beirut Marathon Association will be a leading global expert running organization, attracting international runners, and organizing world-class running events.


  • Sports: To create a whole new generation of roadrunners and wheelchair racers in Lebanon, giving amateurs the opportunity to improve and professionals the chance to compete.
  • Health & Fitness: To encourage healthy living through running events
  • Tourism: To promote Lebanon and the city of Beirut worldwide by attracting international and elite marathoners
  •  Charity: To enable charitable organizations within Lebanon to benefit from sponsored participants

Hazmieh, Mar Takla, Makateb Building, 4th Floor
Phone : +961 5 959 262
Email : Info@beirutmarathon.org