For the 4 th consecutive year, The Beirut Marathon Association will launch its ‘Ability Program’ again after its 3 successful editions 

It is a training program for para-athletes that offers professional hand cycles and full preparations for those taking part in BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon 2019. This program launched its first version in 2016 yielding encouraging results in terms of performance of male and female champions in their perspective categories. 

In 2017, the program received 11 new additional wheelchairs - to reach 22 wheelchairs in total - brought with the support of Beirut Marathon Board of Trustees member Mrs. Chahrazad Rizk. The second batch of wheelchairs was distributed to para-athletes from Tripoli while the first batch had been distributed in Beirut; the full marathon training program is taking place in both Beirut and Tripoli to encompass a larger number of athletes.

In her words Mrs. May El Khalil, president of the Beirut Marathon Association, says she is pleased with this program and confirms that people with special needs were, from the very start of the association, at the very core of the Beirut Marathon Association events serve as a platform to provide and support equal opportunity for all participants. She also thanked Mrs. Chahrazad Rizk for her belief the Beirut Marathon's mission towards para-athletes. 

Mrs. Rizk, who has attended the Ability Program trainings in Beirut and Tripoli, is very satisfied and happy to see young men and women achieving their goals through this program. The super-abled athletes are now more confident and excited to improve and reach their full potential. Mrs. Rizk confirms that supporting our super abled athletes is a humanitarian imperative.

It is worth noting that the program covers 2 months of intensive training before reaching the Marathon day, at the rate of 3 training sessions weekly, including orientation seminars that provide health, nutrition and public safety advice