Lace up your running shoes and mark your calendars for a new race that will get your hearts racing - The Rolling Half Marathon on March 3, 2024!

This exhilarating half marathon promises to be a unique experience that combines the thrill of a race with the breathtaking beauty of the Lebanese landscape. Get ready to embark on a memorable journey from SELAATA to JBEIL, covering a scenic distance of 21.1 kilometers.

The Rolling Half is not just a race; it's a visual feast for all participants. As you traverse the picturesque route, you'll be treated to stunning views that showcase the natural beauty of Lebanon. The course takes you through diverse terrains, from coastal stretches to charming villages, offering an ever-changing backdrop that will make your run truly unforgettable.

The race kicks off in the historic town of SELAATA, where ancient charm meets modern enthusiasm. As you pound the pavement, you'll pass through captivating landscapes, including lush greenery, coastal paths, and charming villages. The route unfolds like a story, with each kilometer bringing you closer to the majestic finish line in Jbeil.

With a limited capacity of 1,000 runners, the Rolling Half ensures an intimate and personalized experience for every participant. Whether you're a seasoned runner aiming for a personal best or a first-timer embracing the challenge, this race is designed to celebrate the spirit of community, determination, and the joy of running.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this one-of-a-kind event! Register now and secure your spot. Join fellow enthusiasts in a race that not only challenges your endurance but also immerses you in the unparalleled beauty of the Lebanese landscape.

Take the first step towards an extraordinary experience - register, train, and get ready to roll on March 3, 2024!

Register Now at and be part of a race that goes beyond the ordinary - the Rolling Half awaits!


Be part of a race that goes beyond the ordinary
Click Here to register for the ROLLING HALF 2024

Race Registration Fee LAF Fee Registration Processing Fee TOTAL Comments Start Time Age Limit
Half Marathon
(21.1 KM)
$25 USD $3 USD $1 USD $29 USD (if you are paying via OMT or
Credit Card, extra fees apply)
6.45 AM 16 Years +
(2008 and above)

Registration Mechanism

1. CLICK HERE to go to our registration platform to start your process (Registration Opens on the 10 January 2024)

2. Registration Deadline is 25 February 2024 or until capacity is reached (whichever comes first)

3. Each runner is encouraged to register on his/her own to avoid any mistakes and input of incorrect data

4. Once you register, you can pay either online via a debit/credit card & your registration is confirmed automatically

5. You can also pay offline at any OMT Branch in Lebanon. You have 3 days from the day of registration to confirm your payment & your registration.

6. Once you register, no cancellation, refund, switching of names & information is allowed.

7. If you are an Elite or Sub Elite Runner, you are obliged to upload your race result from a certified race showing your eligible elite time, along with your ID for age verification

8. Switching of BIBS between runners will automatically disqualify both runners and a 2year ban from BMA races.

9. Registration Fee includes: Race registration fee, medal, BIB number (and Tag), Water / Aid / Medical Stations, Support on course and certified timing / certificate by BMA staff and LAF Judges.

10. Should the event be canceled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, please note that no refunds will be issued. We will only transfer it to a BMA event in the future.


Our team is always ready to assist you with any enquiries or any technical difficulties while registering, please do contact us for help on the below;

Mobile / WhatsApp: 70 898 151 (Monday to Friday, Between 9 AM till 5PM) Email:

Race Info

Start Line Location

Selaata Stadium

Finish Line Location Jbeil Fishermen’s Port

Half Marathon (21.1 KM) Line Up 06.30 AM Start Time 06.45 AM

Awards Ceremony

Race Day Awards Ceremony

Our Overall & Age Category Awards Ceremony will be held at 09.30 AM at the Finish Line on Race Day
Location: TBA

Half Marathon Overall Winners
Male Female
1st Place Overall 1st Place Overall
2nd Place Overall 2nd Place Overall
3rd Place Overall 3rd Place Overall
Half Marathon Age Category Winners
Male Female
1st Place 16 – 17 Yrs, 18 – 19 Yrs, 20 – 34 Yrs,
35 – 39 Yrs, 40 - 44 Yrs, 45 – 49 Yrs,
50 – 54 Yrs, 55 – 59 Yrs, 60 – 64 Yrs,
65 – 69 Yrs, 70 – 74 Yrs, 75 Yrs +
1st Place 16 – 17 Yrs, 18 – 19 Yrs, 20 – 34 Yrs,
35 – 39 Yrs, 40 - 44 Yrs, 45 – 49 Yrs,
50 – 54 Yrs, 55 – 59 Yrs, 60 – 64 Yrs,
65 – 69 Yrs, 70 – 74 Yrs, 75 Yrs +
2nd Place 2nd Place
3rd Place 3rd Place
General Regulations

Age Category Divisions

Race Day Awards Ceremony

  • Half Marathon (MALE) Age Category: 16 – 17 Yrs, 18 – 19 Yrs, 20 – 34 Yrs, 35 – 39 Yrs, 40 - 44 Yrs, 45 – 49 Yrs, 50 – 54 Yrs, 55 – 59 Yrs, 60 – 64 Yrs, 65 – 69 Yrs, 70 – 74 Yrs, 75 Yrs +
  • Half Marathon (FEMALE) Age Category: 16 – 17 Yrs, 18 – 19 Yrs, 20 – 34 Yrs, 35 – 39 Yrs, 40 - 44 Yrs, 45 – 49 Yrs, 50 – 54 Yrs, 55 – 59 Yrs, 60 – 64 Yrs, 65 – 69 Yrs, 70 – 74 Yrs, 75 Yrs +
  • Training Program for the Rolling Half


    Coming Soon

    Elite & Sub Elite Category

    Rolling Half Elite & Sub Elite Category

    Elite and sub-elite half marathon criteria are typically used to designate specific qualification standards and benefits for professional and highly competitive runners. While specific criteria may vary among different events, here are the Rolling Half 2024 elite and sub-elite marathon classification rules and regulations:

    • Time Qualification: Elite & Sub Elite runners are required to meet strict time standards set by the organizers. These time standards are often significantly faster than the general qualifying times and vary depending on the event.
    • Proof of Performance: Elite & Sub Elite runners must provide recent race results (between 2022 and 2023) to demonstrate their competitive ability and consistency at the specified elite level. These results are reviewed by race organizers to ensure eligibility.
    • Invitations and Entries: Elite & Sub Elite runners are provided with guaranteed entry, Elite Area Access & Parking Slots.
    • Separate Start and Support: Elite & Sub Elite runners will start at the front of the race to ensure a clear path and optimal conditions. They also have dedicated support areas, fluid stations, and access to on-course amenities.

    It's important to note that the specific criteria and benefits for elite and sub-elite runners can vary from race to race. Half Marathon events often have their own qualification standards and guidelines that are outlined on their official websites or registration materials.

    To be eligible for an ELITE or Sub-ELITE BIB and Position, you must meet the below Finish Time Criteria:

    Half Marathon Elite Runners Criteria
    Male 1:12:00 – 1:17:00
    Female 1:24:00 – 1:29:00
    Half Marathon Sub Elite Runners Criteria
    Male 1:17:01 – 1:23:00
    Female 1:29:01 – 1:34:00

    • The registration must be done individually by each runner on the official registration platform
    • Offline registration is not accepted (i.e. BMA Office, Excel Sheet, etc…)
    • Payment can be made online by a credit / debit card, or offline at any OMT Branch
    • Every Elite or/and Sub Elite Runner is obliged to upload their ID & last race time certificate onto the registration platform to verify their age and elite eligibility.
    • You are also required to submit a high res photo (JPEG format) to be used for social media purposes by email to before 15 February 2024.

    For any clarifications, questions or assistance, please contact the undersigned to be assisted.

    • Mr. Ehrabi Nael (Race Director):
    • Ms. Francoise Nehme (Head of Operations):


    Rolling Half 2024 BIB PICK UP Information
    • Location: BMA Office, Beirut Digital District, Bldg 1288, 1st Floor
    • Dates: 28, 29 Feb & 1, 2 March 2024
    • Time: 09.00 AM till 05:00 PM


    • Participants must present their bib number confirmation email and photo ID to pick up their race pack.
    • BIB PICK UP on Race Day is not available.
    • If a runner cannot pick up their race pack, a friend or family member may pick up the packet with a copy of the runner’s photo ID and bib number confirmation email.

    Anti-Doping – Clean Sports Mission

    With reference to the Lebanese Olympic committee Anti-Doping Regulations / World Athletics-AIU and the WADA code, we at the Beirut Marathon Association are committed to upholding the principles of clean sport and ensuring a fair and level playing field for all participants. As part of our dedication to promoting clean competition, we will be conducting rigorous random doping tests throughout the event and in all timed races.

    We firmly believe that doping has no place in sports, and it undermines the spirit of fair competition and the integrity of the sport. To maintain the highest standards of clean sport, any participant who fails to comply with the doping test will face severe consequences. In line with our zero-tolerance policy towards doping, any athlete who refuses or fails to take the doping test will be subject to an automatic two-year ban from all future Beirut Marathon events & further the LAF might take further actions with the WAF.

    Our mission is to inspire athletes and fans alike, and we strive to create an environment where talent, determination, and hard work are rewarded fairly. By joining hands in the fight against doping, we can preserve the authenticity and purity of sports and uphold the values that make athletic competitions a source of inspiration and pride.

    Together, let us stand united in the pursuit of clean sport and work tirelessly to maintain the trust and respect of athletes, spectators, and the global sports community. Your cooperation in this endeavor is crucial, and we are grateful for your commitment to help us in the fight for clean sport at the Beirut Marathon Association.


    For transportation details during the Rolling Half Marathon 2024, convenient options are available for participants:

    Bus Service:

    • Pick-up: Buses depart from Zeitounay Bay on race day at 04:45 AM, transporting runners to the start line (Selaata Stadium)
    • Drop-off: After the race, buses will pick up runners from the finish line (Jbeil Port) at 11:30 AM, returning them to Zeitounay Bay.
    • Cost: $5 USD per person for round-trip transportation.
    • Each bus will fit 30 runners.
    • Book your seat & pay in cash during the BIB PICK UP


    • Runners opting to use their own cars can park at the start line (Selaata Stadium)
    • After completing the race, a bus service is available to transport them back from Jbeil Port to the start line (Selaata Stadium).
    • Cost: $2 USD per person for one-way transportation.
    • Buses will be commuting back & forth from the Finish to the Start Line.
    • Book your seat & pay in cash during the BIB PICK UP

    CAR PARKING WITH RETURN BUS SERVICE: (Jbeil - Selaata Post Race)

    • Runners opting to use their own cars can park at the finish line (Jbeil Port)
    • A bus service is available to transport you to the start line (Selaata Stadium).
    • Cost: $2 USD per person for one-way transportation.
    • Buses will be commuting back & forth.
    • Book your seat & pay in cash during the BIB PICK UP

    Ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience by utilizing the convenient transportation options tailored for participants' needs.


    • Transportation fees are to be paid during the BIB PICK UP process.


    It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Byblos Sur Mer Hotel for our eagerly anticipated 2024 Rolling Half Marathon! To indulge in your overall experience and ensure your stay in Jbeil. Byblos Sur Mer is a tribute to Byblos and its history as much as it is a first class hotel hosting a full array of amenities at an international standard. Byblos Sur Mer helps its guests unwind and experience enchanting moments with us that just might be as eternally unforgettable as the city of Byblos itself. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Byblos Sur Mer Hotel as your accommodation during the “2024 Rolling Half”:

    1- Exclusive runner’s package: Enjoy a uniquely curated runner’s package designed to cater to your needs. Benefit from discounted room rates, early- bird check in, breakfast and additional amenities catered to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
    2- Prime location: Byblos Sur Mer is located 150m far from the finish line of the “Rolling Half” where the Award Ceremony will also be held (specific location TBA) to ensure convenience for our runners.
    3- Impeccable services: Experience the warm hospitality and personalized services for which Byblos Sur Mer is distinguished for their meticulous guests who will ensure that your needs are met and provide any help you may require to make your stay unforgettable.

    For more inquiries, contact Simone Farah on or 09 548 000.