Welcome to our Blind With Vision training program, where we believe in empowering individuals who are visually impaired to achieve their running goals. Our program spans over five months, providing comprehensive training and support to runners with visual impairments.

Led by esteemed head coach, Mary Kleyany, who has been at the helm since the inception of the program, the team is dedicated to helping each participant reach their full potential. Mary's expertise, passion, and commitment inspire our runners to push beyond limitations and strive for greatness.

Central to our program is our team of pacers, who play a vital role in guiding and supporting our runners during training sessions and races. With a diverse range of pacers, we ensure that each participant receives the individualized support they need to excel.

Our mission extends beyond simply training runners; we are dedicated to fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging within our community. By providing opportunities for individuals with visual impairments to participate in running events, we challenge perceptions and break down barriers.

As we prepare to compete in various races on November 10, 2024, we invite you to join us on this journey of empowerment and inclusion. Together, we can create a world where everyone, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to thrive.