International Friends

First Beirut International Marathon in 2003
The Beirut Marathon Association coordinators are our goodwill ambassadors in their respective local communities. They help to spread the word about the different activities and races, as well as, liaising between the association and the people in their corners of the world.

The Beirut Marathon Association coordinators are divided into two sections, international and national. They can inform and give you tips to help you get the best out of your Lebanese running experience.

International coordinators:

Country Coordinator Email
  Bosnia & Herzegovina Erol Mujanovic
  Brazil Guilherme Mattar
  Cyprus Constantinos Kivittis
  Cyprus Andreas Spyrou
  Egypt Ibrahim Safwat
  Ethiopia Endris Said
  France Khain Ait Omar
  Greece Georges Scheib
  Germany Christian Reeb
  Holland Edward Maalouf
  Iraq Sabah Al Abdallah
  Jordan Mo’ath Alkhawaldeh
  China Jad Raad
  Korea SeungHun Kim
  K.S.A Khalid Abdu
  K.S.A Nelly Attar
  Morocco  Adil Ghorbal
  Nigeria  Dayo Akinbode
  Senegal Mohamad Farhat
  Slovenia ​Jasmina Kozina Praprotnik ​
  South Africa Sandie Rogerson
  Switzerland Nicolas Tamari
  Switzerland Mireille Nassif
  U.A.E Hassan El Jabery
 U.A.E Tony Hchaime
  UK Jackson Griffith
  UK John Tyszkiewicz
  U.S.A Thomas Abraham
  U.S.A David Silver
  U.S.A Lamia Maalouf
  U.S.A Ramzi Makhuli
  U.S.A Rob Shouhayib
  U.S.A Zander Ross
  U.S.A Richard Ervais
  U.S.A Christof Wittig Christof's Twitter Account

Belgrade Marathon

The Belgrade Marathon is one of the biggest sporting events in Serbia since 1988.
Belgrade Marathon is adapted for people of all ages, and is separated into the following categories:
- The Kids Marathon is a race for children
- The Fun Run is the event with the most participants (5 km)
- The Half-marathon is a half-distance marathon that is in accordance with world standards
- The Marathon is a standard 42.195 km length marathon


It all started in 2012.
With only 70 runners and now it’s approximately 2000 runner per week!
Thousands of runners gather every week to run through the streets of different Cairo neighborhoods.
We proudly organized 5 half marathons and a full marathons in Feb 2018 with 9000 attendees, also we organize an annual international half marathon at el Gouna.

Cardiff Metropolitan University


Comar Marathon

Une association créée par COMAR ASSURANCES et qui organise deux grands évènements :
- Un évènement sportif depuis plus de 32 ans qui est le MARATHON COMAR de la ville de TUNIS : il s’agit de 4 courses : le MARATHON, le semi-Marathon, la course pour tous et le Kids Marathon ;
- Un évènement culturel depuis plus de 21 ans et qui est les prix littéraires COMAR D’OR : il s’agit de primer annuellement la meilleure production romanesque tunisienne en langue arabe et française autour d’une cérémonie festive de remise des prix chaque mois d’avril de chaque année.

Du-Motion Dubrovnik Half Marathon

The story began in 2015, with a vision to set Dubrovnik in motion. A somewhat bold idea, which eventually inspired the entire DU MOTION project, growing into a vigorous and vital international days-long sports and recreation event, comprising as much as 4 races: Dubrovnik Half Marathon, Run the Wall, 5K Citizens’ Race and Kids’ Day.
Dubrovnik Half Marathon is the race with a five-star endorsement by European Athletics.

Limassol Marathon

The OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO is the largest sports event in Cyprus featuring six races and four parallel events! For its 13th edition, which will take place on the 23rd and 24th of March 2018, an estimated of 15,000 runners is expected to run along the Mediterranean coastline of Limassol!
The FLAT, FAST and COASTAL routes guarantee a first class running experience for our thousands of local and international runners as well as a perfect setting to set and break new Personal Bests. An optimal choice for amateurs, semi-professional and professional runners, the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO along with the welcoming vibe of Limassol, promise to win your heart and soul!

Maratona di Roma

Rome marathon gives you the opportunity to combine athletics and sightseeing in Italy’s capital, a city bursting in culture and history. Run in the footsteps of history, as you take on a marathon route through this ancient city. The Rome Marathon lets your run through these historical streets taking in all the sights along the way.

My Lebanon

MyLebanon it’s a development of Lebanon as a tourist destination for Russian tourists. A trip to Lebanon it’s a bridge between our peoples, our countries, a bridge that brings us closer, gives us an opportunity to understand each other better, and that means, to trust each other more. MyLebanon project include a tourism, culture and cinema.

Running Serbia

Athletic club RUNNING was founded in November 2012 in Belgrade by Milena Berić, a former professional runner and consultant for communications and external affairs.
RUNNING is particularly dedicated to the activities aimed at promoting innovative synergies between sports and health, education and training. The first athletic club in Serbia with a goal to make running more approachable and closer to Serbian young people in an entertaining and modern way.

Sarajevo Marathon Association

NGO Sarajevo Marathon was created in 2007 to organize a marathon in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal of the marathon is to improve people's physical and mental health and to promote the country. NGO Sarajevo Marathon organizes three races per year, which are intended as a tool to progressively create the first marathon in Bosnia and Herzegovina.