Join a Cheering Point!

Thank you for you interest in joining our cheering teams at the Blom Bank Beirut Marathon race 2019!

Runners will be physically and mentally challenged by the time they reach the 42 Km cheering points, so a shout of encouragement and a wave of positivity will boost their energy for sure!
Please complete the form below with your contact details and preferred location and we will send you a map and directions for the race day.

Please fill the form below:

I would like to join

Cheering area 1 - Mar Mkhayel & Pasteur Street
Cheering area 2 - Corniche Pierre Jemayel & Sagesse Road
Cheering area 3 - Bourj Hammoud
Cheering area 4 - Jdeideh, Zalka, Jal El dib, Sed El Bouchrieh
Cheering area 5 - Dbayeh sea side road

Please give us more details about your plan for the day, such as "Are you supporting a solo runner, club, NGO or a team?" - "Are you planning to prepare signs?"


You will not be able to see your runner cross the finish line, the area around the finish line is secure and only runners and officials have access. Therefore, it's better for you to see your runner at our cheering points and then head to the post-race reception to meet and greet your runner.