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With races that command the attention of the media and the community at large the Beirut Marathon has become one of the most effective marketing platforms to be used across the board.

The Beirut Marathon Association with the support of its various constituents, partners, contributors and friends has become a great Lebanese success story, and a national occurrence that is highly anticipated and awaited every year.

Our races and events enjoy a great deal of national and international media coverage, and through our partnership with local television and radio stations, we always ensure that the campaign reach is at its utmost possible , and the race coverage at its best.

By being part of our exclusive partners, you will get in addition to the substantial exposure pack, a bundle of intangible benefits and limitless activation opportunities rarely offered by any other marketing platform.

Today, Sponsor partners are an intrinsic part of the Beirut Marathon Family as we always strive to offer a substantial value/benefits ratio for our Partners and to increase the visibility and impact of our Partners ID all throughout the various marketing and communication activities undertaken.

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