An internship at the Beirut Marathon Association is a great way to learn about the world of Sports Management from a seasoned and experienced team.
Interns will benefit from the dynamic and energetic atmosphere while learning about sports event management, sports communication and marketing, logistics management, events and hospitality management, and volunteer management, sports video and photography.
An internship is also a great way to stand out amongst graduating seniors who have career-related work experience. The experience you gain might not perfectly match your major or your chosen career path, but it will give you transferrable skills, a notable work ethic, and a competitive edge. Your internship experience will also expose you to professionalism and allow you to observe how skills and ideas are applied in the real world.
Internships can be full time or part time, a few months or a full year in length, for undergraduate or graduate students, local or international. All interns earn certificates of internship and recommendation letters from the BMA: Great added value to have on any CV.


Gain Work Experience: First and foremost, internships and co-ops help you gain experience. Classroom knowledge is important and makes you competitive for internships, but practical knowledge in an industry is what attracts employers. In other words, a recent graduate with three or four solid internships on their resume is more likely to be hired than a recent graduate with little to no experience.
Networking Opportunities: One of the most popular ways of finding a job is through networking. Doing an internship significantly increases your networking opportunities by connecting you with professionals in your chosen field. Networking also allows you to develop references who can attest to your abilities.
Job Transition: What better way for an employee to test a potential employee than through an internship? Successful interns could be offered a permanent employment at the internship site after graduation.
Decide if a field is right for you: You can research the industry but there is no more effective way to finding out if you like something than actually doing it. You also get all of your questions answered with hands on experience and being immersed in the field.


Film Editing Intern
  • Assists in filming the events
  • Assists in editing the films
Graphic Design Intern
  • Illustrates concept by designing rough layout of art and copy regarding arrangement, size, type size and style, and related aesthetic concepts.
  • Incorporate changes recommended by the creative director into the final design
  • Preparing rough drafts of material based on an agreed brief such as magazine ads, posters, flyers…
Hospitality and Outreach Intern
    • Help regulate and update all contacts with NGOs.
    • Helps follow up with NGOs on registration for each event.
    • Helps coordinate all BMA activities that involve NGOs.
    • Help with pre-races road shows.
    • Assists in the preparation, set-up and implementation of all events.
    • Helps with the communication with local and international coordinators.
    • Helps with the communication with international invitees.
    • Assists in all matters related to catering, hotels, transportation, visas and tickets.
    • Assists in the preparation, set-up and implementation of VIP areas during races.
Media Intern
  • Coordinate with media
  • Prepare and follow up on media kit
  • Implement media center
  • Assist in managing the media center
Program Assistant Intern
  • Help in designing and implementing the running program
  • Following up on the runners and their progress
Race Intern
  • Assists in filming the events preparing the race manual
  • Assists in race event logistics
  • Assists in runner's registration
  • Assists in the follow up
Translation Intern
  • Translating all documents from English to Arabic
  • Translating all documents from Arabic to English

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